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Офіційна точка зору КНДР не нещодавній конфлікт в Корейському західному морі

. Korean Military Authorities Urged to Apologize for Their Armed Provocation

Pyongyang, November 10(KCNA)
The Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army Tuesday issued a report on the grave armed provocation perpetrated by the south Korean forces in the waters of the north side in the West Sea of Korea this day.

According to the report, today the north side let a patrol boat of the Navy of the KPA on routine guard duty promptly go into action to confirm an unidentified object that intruded into the waters of its side. When the patrol boat was sailing back after confirming the object at about 11:20 a group of warships of the south Korean forces chased it and perpetrated such a grave provocation as firing at it.

The patrol boat of the north side, which has been always combat-ready, lost no time to deal a prompt retaliatory blow at the provokers. Much flurried by this, the group of warships of the south Korean forces hastily took to flight to the waters of their side. The south Korean military authorities should make an apology to the north side for the armed provocation and take a responsible measure against the recurrence of the similar provocation.
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